This highly effective Train the Trainer Course is designed for individuals who need to develop the training skills and confidence to teach adults in the workplace. This 5-10 Day, interactive training event is tailored to your specific requirements, which assures that the course can be directly applied to your workplace training requirements.

In the Kingsman Train the Trainer course you’ll learn skills like how to create and teach from a session plan, how to create effective and engaging presentations, how to develop and administer assessment tools, understanding the various types of personality types and their learning styles and much more. Participants also have the opportunity to deliver a “live” training session and receive feedback from the group.

These fun, high-energy training courses are delivered by experienced training professionals.

Learning Outcomes – Train the Trainer Training Course

After completing this course participants will have learned:
  1. Design a training course targeted for adult learners
  2. Plan the delivery of a course by ensuring that all the key elements of effective training are present
  3. Learn how to communicate one’s message effectively
  4. Develop techniques to overcome barriers to learning
  5. Prepare and deliver a training session
  6. Learn to construct assessments to validate the learning
  7. Gain techniques for providing encouragement and coaching during the training process
  8. Create post-course evaluation forms
  9. Evaluate their peers and also receive feedback from them during class
  10. Learn how to deal with different trainees
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