Professional Training Solution

Kingsman has a reputation for using a motivational style that will energize your employees and help them learn more about themselves and their teammates. Among other things, we can integrate games and eye-opening exercises into each session that will not only help employees to gain valuable insight but also help increase their productivity and job satisfaction. Depending on the topic and the need, Kingsman will use a variety of training styles, including personal assessment tools, video training programs, handout materials, PowerPoint presentations, group and individual exercises and speaker presentations.

Kingsman also offers special training programmes designed to help employees build skills more specifically designed to their positions.

Bespoke Training

Our multi–step process for analyzing client needs and designing custom courseware is as unique and specialized as the courses we create. Our methodology, Breaking Barriers Building Bridges, links workplace performance needs to learning objectives and content. Our accelerated knowledge capture and hybrid storyboard processes streamline development and allow our team to focus on the development of learning strategies and activities.

Our team members work closely with your subject matter experts to develop learning objectives to meet your training goals. These objectives define the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be communicated and evaluated. With our curriculum defined, we develop the individual modules, chapters, or lessons that comprise a course construct. Our team designs courseware with a constant focus on adult learning principles. We design courses with easy-to-use navigation, visually appealing knowledge presentation, and mentally stimulating learning activities, and the most effective learning and assessment strategies.

Post-Program Support

Upon completion of a program, Kingsman follows up as needed with additional training and mentoring. All program participants are welcome to contact program leaders and directors to request additional support and information and are encouraged to seek advice from their peers who may be facing similar challenges. In the case of our long-term country programs, programs are delivered in intervals, allowing agencies to phase-in implementation of new concepts and discuss any problems or challenges as they arise.

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